Passive POE injector for IP Camera,VoIP Phone,Netwrok AP device

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With the introduction of new Ethernet-enabled devices expanding geometrically, the need to power these devices from standard AC power outlets has become a limiting factor. IP telephones, wireless access points, IP cameras and device servers are examples of devices limited by the need to have an AC power outlet nearby to plug in a DC power adapter. At best, power supply installation and wiring adds labor and results in the mess of extra wiring; worst case, the lack of nearby AC power means devices cannot be installed where they are needed.


Pinout: DC jack center positive, 2.1 mm pin. RJ45 pins 4,5 = positive, RJ45 pins 7,8 = negative.

• Passive POE does not comply with the IEEE 802.3af specification.
• To minimize cable losses, feed the highest allowed voltage, e.g. 18V. Keep in mind that ALIX input power is fairly constant over input voltage - when the input voltage drops, the current goes up. Power = voltage * current.
• To avoid ground loops, ground should be referenced on the receiving end only, that is use a 2 prong (non grounded) AC adapter.

This one is economic for small DIY installations

Passive POE (Power Over Ethernet) adapter, used pairs of 100Mps network cable
to transmit power to remote device.

It is compatible with equipment supporting the standard PoE pin out (Pins 4&5 Power/ Pins 7&8 Power-)

Package included :1pcxPoE Adapter

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